There will be energetic treatment throughout the Lecture.

Speaker – Kyra Abreu

Founder of CEO® Healing Orion Therapy, CEO® Interstellar Trainer, International Speaker; CEO® Healing Activator


We’ll come to you wherever you are! On the Moon, on Mars or on Venus. Contact us!!


Some themes (or others of your choice):

“Times have changed”

Many people have received miracle cures and seen requests granted with this lecture alone!

This Lecture, with a powerful demonstration, aims to present CEO® Healing, the CEO® Healing Interstellar Therapist Course and not only that: I will share information received in channelings… I will answer all the questions. “Times have changed” – the Masters tell me – to discover… to expand Consciousness… and benefit from the powerful CEO® Healing demonstration.

  • Who we are? Where did we come from? Why are we here?
  • Stellar Consciousness
  • What is this Interstellar Therapy and its applications
  • How it appeared
  • How it operates
  • Health benefits
  • Testimonials in the first-person
  • Why the name CEO® Healing
  • Impact in healing relationships, on health
  • Impact on mental power and personal alignment
  • What is the Stellar DNA activation
  • Impact on the body to awake these DNA strings
  • Impact on places and in the Ascension of awakening the latent DNA
  • CEO® Healing Therapist Training: what it is; who it’s for and for what
  • Answer question that are placed
  • Small GREAT demonstration


Presentation of CEO® Healing and Cure Demonstration
  • CEO® Healing in the challenges of the Aquarian Age
  • CEO® Healing, the Interstellar Therapy as the “passport” for the Stellar Being
  • Beta, Alpha, Gamma, Theta, and Delta brainwaves
  • How it appeared and how it operates
  • CEO® Healing in children and its role in placing and INCLUDE ALL children in the Crystal Evolutionary process
  • CEO® Healing giving the opportunity to ALL in becoming pioneers of this Crystal Age – how?
  • Health benefits
  • CEO® Healing in local, national, global and planetary change


The Stellar Being School Project
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