Kyra Abreu

Kyra Abreu

Founder of CEO Healing Orion Therapy, towards the Stellar Being

Kyra Abreu is a spiritual teacher with great mastery acquired along the years, which she shares (in love and kindness) as a Trainer, Therapist, International Speaker and as a friend.

Since 2007, she shares the powerful and innovative method that today is called CEO Healing Orion Therapy® (CEO Healing) result of the evolution, and that cured a health problem of a family member. For many, CEO Healing® is a real miracle in their lives.

With a degree in sociology, frequency in chemical engineering and a post-graduate degree in Clinical Gerontology, in addition to being a trainer certified by IEFP, the cure of her family member when applying CEO Healing® and other profound (and instant) cures that occurred in her workshops, awoke in her the desire to bring CEO Healing® to the largest number of people, given its speed and efficiency, promoting rapid, consistent and irreversible change in the person, where one is able to create the life one desires, aligned with one’s divine purpose.

Courses by Kyra Abreu

CEO® Healing Specialist/Therapist

CEO® Healing is an evolutionary catalyst, with innovative concepts, at the service of the Aquarian age, with DNA activations that make CEO® Healing a Project of genetic expansion and acceleration. With CEO® Healing, it’s easy to evolve and replace patterns with a solid and impressive evolutionary speed.

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CEO Healing® Happy Relationships

For people of all ages that wish to unblock their relationships area, in order to have a more harmonious life with everyone and be HAPPY. For those who still have unfinished business (conflicts) with family members, former spouses, etc. For those who want to attract the most compatible soul mate! Activation of the subtle DNA and personalized healing – it can be done from a distance you just need to be in tune.

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CEO® Healing “Guardians of the Passage” Course

Because angels don’t die, they evolve!
Perhaps the course with the greatest impact you’ve ever done.
The conciliation/integration of the deep and multidimensional cures through CEO® healing energy and personalized messages for each element of the group and all of Kyra’s spiritual and experiential know-how on this subject.

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Consultations by Kyra Abreu

Stellar Being Activation

This service includes two CEO® Healing sessions made in two consecutive days, activating the new dimension of the person: the “Stellar Being”

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Spiritual Counselling with Kyra Abreu

Done only by Kyra Abreu – this highly personalized service, Kyra uses all her tools – from CEO® Healing, entering the person’s energetic field (with prior permission, of course), using intuitive medicine in which the causes of the anomaly are detected and which, in most cases, do not have to do with the body-mirror, but only with the person’s NATURAL path, quantum healing (matter in which Kyra is a master), spiritual tools developed by Kyra, in addition to NLP techniques, laughter coaching, laughter therapy and many others. 


Wedding Special Consultation

This is a key session for the success of the relationship. Assuming that more than 90% of relationships are “karmic settings”, in this session, there will be cleansing of karma, limiting patterns will be identified and given tools for alignment with happiness.

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“Educate for cooperation based on singularity”

Articles by Kyra Abreu

8 signs you’re being targeted by envy

This article intends to be a contribution to expanding the perception of how things are processed energetically, not to develop fear or divest of responsibility, but in a sense of discernment, in order to detect early on, avoiding detours out and/or inconveniences...

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The 10 steps to create the life you desire!

If you're not satisfied with your job... If you're looking for work... If you have a dream and you think you can materialize it.The frustration sometimes makes you wander through social networks, leave comments and, sometimes, to "deify" who really don't deserve...

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Did you know that 90% of relationships are karmic settings?And because this is Valentine's month, let's reflect on them:One of the key factors for most people, in order to be happy, is the quality of our relationships. But...Have you ever stopped to think: 1 –...

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